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Lee’s Grill and Oven Care Offers Barbecue Grill Cleaning, Kitchen Oven Cleaning, and Barbecue Repair Services

With our unmatchable expertise, we offer professional and reliable cleaning services to extend the life of your BBQ grill.

We understand that every grill is different and we have all the tools to clean any kind— while always striving to provide you with the best possible results.

Lee’s Grill and Oven Care has a fully trained team that’ll cater to all your needs in a timely manner.

Barbecue Grill Cleaning

Are you tired of all the grease on your grill? Let us take your responsibility into our hands! We understand that nobody wants to take upon that task, which is why 0ur BBQ-grill-cleaning crew will perfectly perform the job for you.

Our professional team is knowledgeable on all the techniques to finish the job quickly and thoroughly.

Our use of non-toxic disinfectants and cleaners offer exceptional and functional cleaning for all.

We initiate the gas grill cleaning service with an extensive assessment of the BBQ before moving on to clean every part and component of it.

Kitchen Oven Cleaning

Cleaning kitchen ovens can be a struggling job for many, which is why we are here to do it for you!

Don’t you worry— make sure we clean it as thoroughly as possible by reaching each and every corner.

First, we disassemble the door and racks. Then, we deeply scrub the oven cavity. Finally, we clean the outside surface, the knobs, and the hobs.

Lee’s Grill and Oven Care takes the stress out of those challenging cleaning jobs, leaving you with pristine-clean kitchen oven.

Barbecue Repair

Do you need your BBQ gas oven repaired in the Orange County area? Lee’s Grill and Oven Care is right here! We ensure that your barbecue grilling machine is always in working condition.

Our experts use up-to-date technology and equipment and thoroughly inspects all parts. Lee’s Grill and Oven Care precisely identifies and repairs the problem part— bringing it back to its functional state right away.

The first step we take is to examine the knobs, valves, burners, grill grates, regulators, and other BBQ elements— while always checking that there is no gas leakage in the grill. After that, our skilled workers proceed to repair and install new parts of your grill and/or oven.

Management Companies

We’ve set the standard for BBQ and oven services so high, that our customers keep coming back (and telling all their friends about us). On top of that, we service beach properties that get the ravest reviews because when visitors open the grill, they find it’s as clean as the accommodations around them.


Detail: $300

Standard Oven Cleaning: $125

Gourmet Oven Cleaning w/Hood: $325

Build a BBQ Fee: $125

A Purpose-Driven Company That
Strives To Help the Common Good

Every product we use is food-, pet-, child-, and eco-friendly.

We support Laurel House, a non-profit organization in Orange County, where 10% of our revenue goes toward the organization.

You are not just paying for a service— you are helping those in need.

Why Choose Us

  • We do a standard “safety/operating” inspection at no extra charge. We value good health and therefore make sure to eliminate all grease and filth.
  • Grilling is messy, and cleaning it yourself is time-consuming. We’ll do it quickly, thoroughly, and efficently.
  • Our service will reduce grease fire flare-ups.
  • We use top-quality products that yield better results, maintain superior condition, and keep your appliance cleaner for longer.
  • We use sterilizing steam to get the most stubborn food residue removed from your grill, leaving it virtually clean as new.
  • Our service reduces the risk of attracting rodents through the removal of charred food particles.
  • Our comprehensive cleaning process avoids future erosion.
  • Everything we use is food-, pet-, child-, and eco-friendly.

What People Are Saying

Soooo happy with Lee's Grill and Oven Care!

I needed my oven cleaned (it was a deeper clean than I knew how to do) and found this service. I hadn’t thought about cleaning the BBQ, as it hadn’t been used for so long (honestly we were going to throw it away) and he made it look new again!! This service is beyond awesome! Highly recommend!

Lee did a great job of cleaning for us and I'm so happy with his work.

My outdoor grill and side burner needed a thorough cleaning as they came with the house we bought and looked like they hadn’t been used in years. He worked hard the whole time he was here and left everything in perfect working condition. Thanks so much, Lee!

This was an easy decision!

Considering what I paid this for this 42″ bbq I didn’t want to have it replaced. I had a steak flame up in and didn’t catch it in time and thought my bbq was ruined and then came across a recommendation on FB from a friend. I thought about cleaning it myself but didn’t know where to start. After watching a few videos on Youtube, I decided to call Lee for help. You can see from the photos the results. The bbq looks new again and just in time for Summer.

An outstanding job, it is beautiful paint job

I wanted the interior of my house painted. It consisted of about 7-8 rooms. I received three quotes. The highest was for $12k& It included an estimate of 11 days. Lee’s quote was by far the most reasonable and he indicated that he would be able to get the job done in 3 to 5 days. Lee also works alone! Consequently, I was a bit skeptical in his ability to finish such a big job so quickly as well as his very reasonable price. But Lee said “what do you have to lose, pay me when you when I’m done with the work”. And I am happy to report that he did an outstanding job it is beautiful paint job. Besides his awesome work Lee is a great guy – full of integrity and class. I highly recommend him.

Super easy to work with

Did a great job cleaning our grill. Communication was good too. Offered a power wash service too to clean our lawn chairs and a few grease stains on our tile. Highly recommended company to get your grill cleaned.

Very courteous, does great work, and cleans up!!!

I had a grease fire in my BBQ & had to use a fire extinguisher to put it out. My BBQ didn’t work after that so I found Lee on Yelp. I couldn’t have been more pleased. It’s the busy season now so I had to wait a week or so but he showed up on time & did a fantastic job. Unfortunately. Once I went to use it, it lit & then went out. I didn’t hear any gas coming through. I contacted Lee & he came out in less than 15 minutes. It turned out to be a bad regulator. He went to Home Depot, picked up a new one, and voila, I was all set. I would highly recommend Lee. He’s very courteous, does great work, and cleans up!!! Thank you Lee!

Lee was fantastic!

He did an amazing job making my stove and oven like brand new. He is professional, sincere, with honest pricing. I will call again for the next job!

Lee's work ethic is off the charts!

He is a can-do painter with a heart to serve his customers. We were very pleased, he kept his word, his prices were reasonable, and he did very good work!

Very happy!

Lee is super kind and got my BBQ ready for summer. He even taught me a few maintenance things to keep my BBQ going longer. Very happy! Thanks!

Brought back that original shine to the appliances

Lee came out to a clients house after we finished remodeling. Cleaned everything up super nice and brought back that original shine to the appliances. Would def recommend to anyone.

Would highly recommend his services

Lee came to clean up our built-in barbecue that had been sitting idle for at least 3 years since we moved in. He was very kind, and took the time to explain the repairs he was going to do or that I could do in the future. I would highly recommend his services and will be returning to him when my grill needs servicing again. Thank you, Lee!

The BBQ looked and worked like new

Called Lee’s from Yelp Tustin and set an appointment for cleaning our Weber four burner SUMMIT BBQ. He quoted a reasonable price and we made an appointment. He showed up on time and had a full set of tools and set to work. The BBQ was just old and dirty and needed a good cleaning. He set to work and about FOUR hours later the BBQ looked and worked like new. If you are thinking about getting your BBQ cleaned, repaired and ready for summer I would highly recommend Lee. He is very professional, a hard worker and extremely knowledgeable.
PS: Lee also offers painting service so I am sure we are going to see more of him.

Lee is the very best

My Weber propane BBQ stopped working. It also needed a deep cleaning to get it ready for grilling season. So, I went on Yelp and found Lee’s Grill and oven care. He did an amazing job! He fixed the starter mechanism and cleaned the BBQ from top to bottom! We also had him clean the oven in our kitchen. Lee is the very best. He is organized, clean, brings all the tools he needs and works hard at making sure the final product is perfect! I will definitely hire him again! His Yelp rating did not disappoint!

Definitely will ask for his yearly clean up special

I can’t tell enough for Lee’s commitment to perfection on his job. My range, oven, and BBQ were a mess and he convert them to beauties. Love the result and definitely we’ll ask for his yearly clean up special.
Thanks Lee again

Made the impossible possible

Lee was incredible and made the impossible possible. Our Thermador oven was a disaster…hopeless. My wife had tried to clean it several times with harsh chemicals that nearly killed her. Lee comes in with a smile, tells us it will be fine, does his magic, and the results were unbelievable…squeaky clean and beautiful. We’re going to have him back to attack our old Lynx gas grill. Lee…you’re awesome!

You are #1 in my book!!

Lee did a stupendous job cleaning my Weber grill!! My BBQ was purchased in 2015, and I use it several times a week. Other BBQ cleaning services refused to clean my grill, their loss because I found the company that I will use as long as they’re in business. Thank’s Lee for rising to the challenge.

So happy to have my grill ready for summer!!

Lee was so nice and even taught me about my BBQ and how to maintain certain parts of it, etc.

The bbq looks new again and just in time for Summer

This was an easy decision! Considering what I paid this for this 42″ bbq I didn’t want to have it replaced. I had a steak flame up in and didn’t catch it in time and thought my bbq was ruined and then came across a recommendation on FB from a friend. I thought about cleaning it myself but didn’t know where to start. After watching a few videos on Youtube, I decided to call Lee for help. The bbq looks new again and just in time for Summer